Editing Projects

Here are a few of our most recent editing projects:

Blood Money

  • Attorney and prolific law textbook author Neal Bevans weaves a thrilling tale of suspense in his first novel, Blood Money, following Assistant District Attorney Sean Turlow as he investigates a case that gets more sinister with every turn. As the body count gets higher, Sean must figure out who he can trust to help him discover who the killer is–before he himself becomes the next victim. Find this gripping story on Amazon or at a bookstore near you!

The Real Deal

  • Dr. Anthony Zaccaglin tells his remarkable story of recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in The Real Deal: Finding the Summit of Life after a TBI. Sparing no detail and refusing to sugercoat any of his experiences, Anthony shows his readers what it truly takes to find a renewed purpose in life in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges in a memoir that will both inspire and educate. Find this extraordinary book on Amazon or at a bookstore near you!


  • Written by prominent doctor and life coach Roddy Carter, BodyWHealth: Journey to Abundance is a beautiful mix of accessible science, the author’s own life experience, and encouragement. Through the mechanism of seven Keys that unlock WHealth, Roddy tells his readers how to tap into their innate capacity for health, happiness, and prosperity–allowing anyone the ability to live life abundantly. Much more than a self-help book, BodyWHealth promotes simple lifestyle changes to bring you complete physical, emotional, and mental health. Look for it on Amazon or at a bookstore near you!

Book Trio at LaunchPortrait of a Troubled Child

  • In this stirring and inspirational memoir, courageous author and poet Curtis Michael Girty shares the story of his troubled childhood and struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Now clean and sober for over 30 years, Curtis writes honestly about the choices that led him down a dangerous path, to the lowest point of his life–and how his faith in God helped guide him back to the light. Whether or not you have experienced the same struggle in your own life, your heart will be touched and your resolve strengthened as you read Curtis’ powerful words. Place your order on Facebook at C.M.G. Publishing, LLC, or via email at cmgpub@yahoo.com!


  • This exciting business memoir, written by restaurant company CEO and businessman extraordinaire Scott Barnett, tells the story of the creation, development, and rise to success of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant chain from the unique, insightful, and wryly humorous perspective of its founding CEO. Much more than just a business or brand-building how-to book, GUMPTION is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at both restaurants and Hollywood, as well as just being a truly interesting story. Available for purchase now on Amazon or at a bookstore near you!

_MG_2776_EditedTort Law for Paralegals, 5th ed. and North Carolina Real Estate Law, 4th ed.

  • Penned by attorney and professor Neal Bevans, these law textbooks provide a refreshingly engaging and understandable look at tort and real estate law, with particular attention to what paralegals and other professionals in the field need to know.

Tainted I.C.E.

  • This compelling memoir shares the story of former ICE agent Derrick J. Taylor, whose twenty-five-year illustrious career in the US Department of Homeland Security was tainted by the corruption he encountered along the way. Find out how Derrick fought back to save the integrity of the country he loves. Tainted I.C.E. is out for sale now!

“Superhero in Disguise”

  • This short story, written by the fabulous Kitty Bucholtz, is the prequel to Unexpected Superhero, the first novel in her Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series. This delightful Halloween tale describes Tori Lewis and Joe Clarke’s first encounter. Check out the story for free on Smashwords!

No Beauty Queen

  • This memoir manuscript, written by the grit- and grace-filled Heather Klein, is currently in pre-publication. Look for it on bookshelves soon!

Tecate Group Website

  • This website is for a capacitor manufacturing company located in San Diego. Sarah edited the content for this site, as well as some of their other sites.

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