We know that as a writer, you want your work to be exceptional. You want your readers to enjoy reading what you’ve written, and you want them to clearly understand what you’re trying to tell them. You have worked hard and have almost certainly poured your blood, sweat, and tears into a piece of which you’re proud. But you probably still feel that it needs something more.

That’s where WordPlay comes in.

You give us some information about your project and what kind of editing you’re looking for. Then, we send you a sample edit of a small section of your project. If you like what we’ve done, we agree to some terms with you and start editing. As we edit, we track all our changes so that you can see what we’ve done. We leave your voice intact, and we accommodate any dictionary, style guide, or formatting preferences you might have. You get to choose whether we send you work as we go or as a whole once we’re done, and you have the final say about whether to make any of the changes we suggest. At the end of the process, you have a polished piece of writing ready for publishing, printing, or whatever else you’d like to do with it!

The services we offer include:


  • This involves checking for typographical accuracy in your work. Proofreading functions include correcting errors in formatting and pointing out any indisputable mechanical mistakes. Proofreading services are well suited for manuscripts that just need a final read-through before publication.

Copyediting (Line Editing)

  • This involves ensuring consistency, clarity, and elegance in your work. Copyediting functions include correcting mechanical faults, revising language errors and awkwardness, pointing out factual inconsistencies, and establishing cohesion. Copyediting services are well suited for manuscripts that do not need major content or language revisions but that would benefit from some polishing.

Substantive Editing/Rewriting (Structural Editing)

  • This involves performing content editing of your work. Substantive editing/rewriting functions include comprehensive revision of the text and/or rewriting on a line-by-line basis. Substantive editing and rewriting services are well suited for manuscripts that need major content editing and/or language revisions.


  • This involves creating content for your work. Writing/ghostwriting functions include writing new passages for an existing text and writing all or part of an entirely new project. Writing and ghostwriting services are well suited for incomplete manuscripts or those in need of assistance turning their thoughts into text.

Not sure what type of editing you need? Contact us, and we’ll help you find the level that’s right for you!

One thought on “Services

  1. Sarah,
    I was given your contact information by my husband’s friend, who works with your dad. I just epublished my first of what I hope to be many books. I am currently writing two additional books for this series, and was wondering what your fees are- at least for proof reading? I had done some research into editing fees last year and while I really wanted to have a professional editor edit my first book, we just didn’t have the extra $700-$800 at the time. This, unfortunately, was a double edged sword- I wanted the book out, but I may have also shot myself in the foot (so to speak) with minor editing issues that still exist (fixing as I find them). I have five beta readers and two of them help me ‘edit’. However, I have the nasty habit of rewriting after editing and I wanted to try something different for book two. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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